Be Ready!

When you feel like everything is out of control and that things doesn’t go the way you planned it, relax. God is working. If you think things are getting delayed trust me in Gods time it was on time.

Don’t rush. God is preparing something hot and new for you. Be ready!

Setting up my mind once and for all.

Currently its 00:00, exactly 12 midnight and I cant sleep. Maybe because I was very pre occupied with the idea that popped up my head when I was having dinner with my sister today about doing a vlog and starting my own youtube channel.
Actually it did cross my mind a million times before but disregarded it cause I don’t want to take it too seriously. However this time, I don’t know but I just can’t ignore it really. It gets serious and serious the more I think about it.

You know I’ve watched different vloggers on youtube and I found them really fascinating like wow how’d they do that? Well I can do that too haha. They’re talented and can do so many things whilst me all I ever know was standstill, give them a round of applause and offer a genuine laugh with their vlogs.
And by the way I also was inspired by some vloggers back story, how they started their vlogging career and what they’ve achieved now. It was truly inspiring and I want that too. To be an inspiration to many and be a role model. However what concerns me really are the circumstances that Im in.

Like for example, I don’t know how to edit videos. Im not really much into technology that even a simple edit on my photo, I cant do it. So if ever I’ll start my own channel that would be very challenging for me, however gladly my sister volunteered to do the techies thing, so that uplift my spirit a little bit. Thank God I’ve got a pretty supportive family beside me. And also another thing that hinders my vlogging career is that (hold your breath cause this is really shocking) Ive got no talent dear, thats the real deal here. If I would start my own vlog  what would the content be? A question that I cant even answer. But regardless the circumstances I’d still do it with intact faith and trust to God. 

I’ve already set my mind into it and already wasted a good night sleep thinking about it over and over and over and over again. So happen what may, I’ll just do my best in this new chosen journey and just leave the rest to God.

Fear to Faith

Everyone is affected with the sad news of COVID 19. The lock down of different cities and countries all over the world and the thousand deaths of human kind. It is alarming though for Corona Virus isn’t a joke. However instead of being scared about it, let us transform that fear into faith. Fear to Faith.

If you believe in the 70% of alcohol and any kinds of disinfectant, Im hoping you believe and your faith in God is more than just 70%. Believe that this crisis is going to end. Believe that he’ll end it real soon, because God is God. And he never disappoints.

The lock down, let us look at it in a positive dimension. Maybe God is giving you time to spend with your family – at home. Yeah, maybe it is that way. Maybe he sees you being too busy with your work and other matters that concerns, that you forgot the importance of family. If that’s not the case in your part maybe to others. Let us be cooperative with the lock down thingy.

Life is not easy. And God never promise us one. Life is too critical and too risky that you’ll be scared to move a step. However if you journey life with God, you’ll see that life is not critical nor risky for he’ll always gave you an assurance of success and safety. He’ll never leave you alone. Never.

So in this time of calamity, let us not forget God. Instead of depending our lives to those disinfectants – Im not saying you stop using it. Why not submit it to God. Let us submit to him all our worries and believe that he’ll provide peace. Let him provide us safety and keep us all away from the pandemic disease.

Exclude God from social distancing for when you distance yourself to him, you’re giving yourself a hard time and soon you’ll be seeing  yourself standing at the very edge of a cliff.

Become the person of your choice.

“Never pursue a career because others want you to. You’ll be the one spending half your life at that job. Pursue your passion” ~unknown

Pressure, expectations and the idea of not wanting to disappoint anyone makes life even more harder to live.

Almost every soul that surrounds me wanted me to become an educator. Like my cousins and aunts, some are fresh graduates and some are teachers for a long time now. Even my mother herself asked me to be like them. About 6 years ago she told me “Pangging pag maestra nalang” then I answered her “Ma, dili nalang ko mu skwela oy”. I didn’t mean to hurt her but that time I was so full of myself that I have guts to answer her that way. I respect the idea that she wanted me to be like them or to be one of them however I just don’t feel it. Like I couldn’t see my future self teaching students and making lesson plans.

You know just because I refused to be a teacher doesnt mean I hated them or I don’t like them. Honestly, I love my teachers. I love how they motivate me everyday and helped me do the things I find difficult to deal with. Being a teacher is great and its noble. Indeed. However teaching is just not my craft. Im not good at it and my heart doesn’t beat for it.

When I told her Im not going to be an educator, I was certain with my words. Truth be told, if I pursue education and 100 percent of me wanted to be something else, I’d just probably be wasting my time though not totally but enough for me to sit on a couch, stare blankly at the horizon, wondering where all the years of my life went.

If you’re thinking I was so rude with my mom by being too forward well Im not. Long story short, I did explained to her kindly and genuinely. Good thing is, she’s the most understanding woman in the whole wide world and now she’s supporting me with my chosen field.

She’s no longer here but am pretty sure she is very proud of me, with my achievements and most of all she’s proud and happy seeing me becoming the person I dreamed to be.

Choosing what course to take up in college is no easy task, same way as creating a life and a future (Well it is different in a way its the same) plus the “all eyes on you” scenario along the journey. The say of people anywhere mutes the voice we have within. It distracts the peacefulness we possess and tries to destroy the idea and dream we already created. You get confused, stressed and depressed every step of the way. However others dont tell you what to do. You do. ‘Cause if you let them control you, your being then Im sorry to tell you this but you’re about to waste your life big time.

So if you don’t want that to happen to you, don’t mind their opinions and just go on your way. Spare time to look at the man in the mirror and asked him “Am I meant to become what others wanted me to be or Am I meant to become the person of my choice”.

Ignoring others opinion is never easy, better choose what say to hear and make sure it’s worth hearing because at the end of the day, whether you become somebody or nobody people always have something to say.

So choose a career that you think would help you achieve a happy and satisfying life by that maybe for once their say is worth your time.

I realized that you shouldn’t be scared of the unknown, cause they’re still unknown.

I realized that you shouldn’t be scared of the unknown, cause they’re unknown. You don’t know what they are or what it is yet. So just go with Gods plan and flow with him and right after you crossed the bridge that’s the right time to decide whether to get scared or be brave.

All Is Well

I say don’t be too hard on yourself. Things don’t happen because they’re meant to be just that. Sometimes you have to let yourself break free. Give yourself a favor. Relax and quit worrying. Give yourself a chance to witness the goodness of living. Renew your soul and be happy.

You don’t own the world and you don’t own the heaviness it weighs. You own yourself and your burdens so it’s really up to you to manage a life and a future.

Responsibilities, deadlines, love life, family. If you’re worried about those things then Im telling you, please don’t. Put them down jusr for a bit, stretch yourself, dig in some water and rest. Don’t be afraid to rest.

I understand the feeling of not wanting to disappoint anyone but girl, resting for a while and choosing yourself once is not a sin. You owe yourself a break. All of us do. If they see you as a loser for doing so, then eliminate them from your life, crash them out for they’re no big help. They are opportunists who takes advantage of you, of what you can give and what you can offer to them. They’re not real and they don’t care, because the one’s who truly care will help you no matter what, they will support you all the way to failure and greatness. They will help you back up when you’re down or will lay down with you when they can’t manage to pull you up. They will take and appreciate whatever you can give because they understand you and they care for you.

So don’t be afraid to choose yourself or to be happy or to rest, because the ones who support you will always support you no matter what happens. Just belive in yourself and have faith in God, he’s a big help though. In him you’ll see that everything is okay, that everything is fine and that all is well.

Be brave and take courage to pursue what your heart desires. Remember you’re the pilot of your own aircraft. So fail and get up again and show the world how great you’ve maneuvered your life.

I now declare myself free from loving you.

The days I’ve spent thinking about you, worrying about you and anything else about you is over.

The sleepless nights and daydreaming about us has to end.

This time Im unloving you for real. I dont want to have false hope forever. I deserve better more than just a mere adoration.

I deserve better more than just friendship. I liked you for too long now and I guess it isn’t normal anymore.

I know you’ve always liked another girl and loving you this long is quite an impressive act I did my whole life.

Since now you’re officially together, me and my petty unnoticeable efforts are left in vain.

I have loved you with an expectation that you’ll do the same but I realized that real love doesn’t need to be reciprocated.

That’s why today Im giving myself a favor. A favor of getting out of the fantasy I alone created. I fancied everything I’ve imagined us to be but this time those imaginations will stay as is, because I now declare myself free from loving you.


Love takes courage.

Love needs patience.

Love understands.

Love respects.

Love loves.

Being inlove is no competition. You need to be patience in order to meet the love of your life.

You need to be courageous enough to take different devours, adversity and risk of love. Its not easy, am telling you but worth the risk. You have to possess a mind that understands and a good heart. Love needs respect.

If it denies you let it be, let it go respect yourself because if things aren’t going your way maybe it’s not really meant for you.If you rush things out you might end up being something you never dreamed of.