Old Times

Reminiscing old times are indeed the best part of living. Being reminded of the things we used to do and how we used to be and being able to throw a genuine smile whenever we talk about it, our chilhood memories and share it with our friends and new acquaintances. But what’s sad is that those old days and old times that we had are now memories of the past. Treasured moments that can’t be surely forgotten. It’s true that we can’t turn things back from where it used to be and it is also true that unlike before we rarely enjoy life without the touch of technology and it is very evident how it took over the whole world.

Technology is good in a way that it makes our life much more easier than it did before however it seems like we overused it that we forgot how to do things manually. We forgot how things are done before high tech machines are made. We are now dependent on it. And as I was saying we now rarely enjoy life without it. You see we make friends through facebook, instagram and other social media apps we also also communicate to people via technology.

Unlike before we need to go outside, introduce ourselves formally to people, be comfortable with them and be friends with them. We keep in touch through post mails. If ever someone is away from us, we write them mails and letters to send our regards to them. And what fun about about posting mails is that we have to wait for how many days before we received their replies. Our patience will surely be measured. Written love letters are still the best after all, because writting is effort and effort is love.

Im not saying technology is a curse (in case you think that way) for it eliminates the “before ways of living”. I, personally also enjoyed having technology in life. I also enjoyed watching youtube movies and surfing the net, but what I’m saying is that Im sad how this world became more high-tech than it usually does. Because being an old soul living in a high-tech world is difficult. However it is truly happiness though,being an old soul because through all the noise you hear outside you could still find a way to enliven things and relive the past.

Its fine to enjoy new things, discoveries and inventions in life but we should never forget also how we used to enjoy life as it is before.


Whats wrong with her?

She’s bold but she’s not

She’s fair but not just.

She’s brilliant but so proud

She’s noisy but makes no sound.

What is wrong with her?

Is it her looks that makes her bother,

Or her flower like life that starts to wither.

Confused by the load she’s carrying.

Anxious by the fact that she’s nothing.

Crying over bended knees

Praying for a life full of peace.

She’s doubtful in everyway

But confident anyway

What is wrong with her?

Everybody’s curious about her

But seems like even her hasn’t found an answer.

Living a surreal life

Craving to cut it with knife

She loves herself yet hate it much

She hate it much but treated it as such.

What’s wrong with her?

Have Faith. Its all because of him.

We usually plan everything we do because we want it to be perfect. Just perfect.

However, when our plans fail to meet our expectations, we blame ourselves. We blame ourselves for not planning it more perfectly, we blame others for not cooperating about the idea.

Excuse me? Don’t we get it? Why blame ourselves?Why blame others?

Things don’t happen the way we want it because God does not allow it. Simple. Even if you planned it again a hundred times , if it were not to happen, then it will not happen.

God has his own plans, it maybe way too different from ours but its for the best. He knows what’s best and not best for us. He knows what we’re going through that’s why only he knows what’s perfect for us.

“Gods plan are way better than ours” indeed. He plans greatness for us all, while we plan for pleasure and wants satisfaction.

Don’t be disappointed if your boyfriend is flirting with another girl and left you hangin’. Just think that God doesnt want you to be involve with that man anymore because of some reasons. Maybe he thinks he’s not good for you and that there is someone out there more deserving than he is. So keep still. Move on and continue living. You’re right one is coming.

Don’t be sad if you applied for a job and none of the companies accepted you. Just think that God doesn’t want you to be part of that company because you’re way too better for them. Think positive, it somehow lightens up the load.

Don’t argue with your parents if they scolded you for getting low grades. Just think that God wants you to hear a parental sermon for you to understand and realize that you should study efficiently to make them proud and make their labor and sacrifices worth it.

If something like that happened just think that God loves you, that he doesnt want you to suffer from you own actions. If he does not allow it then let it be, for sure he’d prepared something better for you.

When everything seems blurred and you can’t see the path you’re taking, when you’re mind is full of doubt and you don’t know what you’re doing always think that God will walk with you and he will be there for you through ups and down.

Have faith that everything you prayed for will be answered. It may not be today, tomorrrow the next day or the other but it will come in Gods right time.


Code Blue. Code Blue.

I was at the hospital that time accompanying my sister because her daughter had a mild stomach problem.

As I was resting on a desk, an announcement from the hospital startled me a bit and as I heard it, it somehow goes like this.

“Code blue 7th floor. Code blue 7th floor”

I dont know what this words mean but my gut feeling tells me that its not a good situation. And i feel bad about it 🙃.

Isn’t it Great?

Having no job became an issue to me after I graduated. Because everybody seems to be expecting something great from you. They expect you to have a nice job because you’ve graduated a bachelors degree. And they think after graduation everything is perfect.

However it’s not.

They don’t know the feeling of waking up day by day burdened by fact that you’re still unemployed. They don’t know how hard it is to face different successful individual, answering interview questions and still being declined after.

All they know is expecting things from you.Putting pressure on your shoulders and saying something bad when you fail to meet up their expectations.

Isn’t it great?

Not yet?

Everyone was at their desired places while me still not being entertained. I hate waiting but maybe this time i should learn how to. Extend my patience and strengthen my faith that God had his plans for me.

Scrolling through my timeline i saw my classmates grin while enjoying their dream jobs. While me? Still enjoying “SUMMER VACATION”. It’s actually not my intention to enjoy summer for three months after graduation, of course i do have plans as well.

Plans for the betterment of myself and family. However no matter how i tried to apply for a job, there’s none. Maybe its God telling me that its not yet my time. That i need to trust him because his unfolding great things for me. That i should wait because he already sets me to something great.

And i believe that. I believe him. I have faith in him. I have plans for myself but i know Gods plan will always prevail.

Lucky me, i have a very understanding family. They know im doing the best that I can to lighten the load that they’ve been carrying through, it’s just that nothing happens FOR NOW. But i swear, in Gods time all their labors and sacrifices will be paid off.

In Jesus name. AMEN.

Someone 😍

Have you ever dreamed of having someome so perfect as your ideal man?

Like Someone who would gave you flowers even without occations.

Someone who would hug you when youre feeling down (Even without telling him youre upset)

Someone who would dance with you in the rain.

Someone who loves doing stupid things with you.

Someone who would show effort to win you.

Someone who would accept you for who you are.

Someone who would laugh at your silly jokes.

Someone who would walk you home just to make sure you’re safe.

Someone who would pamper you with foods and ask you to eat a lot.

Someone who understands you more than anybody else.

Someone who thinks youre still beautiful even when you’re at your most absurd clothes.

Someone who would ask if youre okay,all the time!

Someone who cries when you cry.

Someone who can’t stand seeing you unhappy and hurt.

Someone who would respect you as a woman

Someone who would fetch the stars in the sky if you ask him to.

Someone who is sensitive about your feelings.

Someone who loves you, TRULY.



(Thats a sad FACT)

Im getting insane.