Happiness comes from within.

We always give importance to christmas for it is a great time for sharing blessings, giving love,and forgiving one another. In different places we celebrate christmas, depending on our own choice. Some families went abroad to try something new and experienced the so called “White Christmas” ,however on the other side of the coin, people who cant afford to go to other places would probably stays at home. Blessed are those at home with their families during christmas eve and have plates being served on their tables but sad to those who doesnt have homes and foods during that special day. 

Lots of families,youngsters and different kinds of homeless human beings are sleeping at the corners of the road and it pinches my heart seeing them fighting for existence. However what touches my heart the most about this scenario is that,those less fortunate people, those who have nothing and those who we think are pitiful are the ones that has beautiful smiles. A smile where you could really see and sense the feeling of satisfaction,happiness and the earnestness of ones heart.

 Ive seen how happy this people are and its so otherwise to what we foresee. Theyve been a great example to us all. That no matter what life status we have, no matter how less the fortunes we received, no matter how problematic this world can be and no matter how dramatic our life would be, let us still be thankful for what we have,for little things are the ones that truly matters. So, let us all be thankful,happy and contented the same way as they did.

Problems? Just smile it out for TRUE HAPPINESS COMES FROM WITHIN. 



The difference between an ordinary life and extraordinary is just the little extra.

At a very young age i lost my dad and two years after my mother followed. Its a kinda funny how they took this phrase “till death do as part” so seriously. 
I admit its never easy to walk on with life without you great advisers, without a parent to be exact. I dont know how to start up my life and rebuild my dreams after what happened to us. I was maybe the most affected of all but i was also the most secretive. I only cry and let my emotions show when there’s no one watching me. I dont want my family to see me crying and suffering from a great loss. I want to show to them that im fine even though im not deep inside because thats the only way i know to make them believe that there is so much to life than what we expect. I want to let them know that whats ahead of us are more important than what we had way back before.

Pretending youre okay is no easy task. You have to smile at confusions and laugh at rough times. Youhave to be okay and be okay all the time in order for the people that matters to you regained their strength and start living again. You have to forget you own emotions for the mean time so that you could consider how they felt. And the most  intense part of pretending is that you have to cheer them up in order for them to be motivated again. Cheer them with all your might because being there for them is the only way you can help.

I hope i can do the same to myself. I hope i could cheer myself as well and motivate me to be better but i cant. It doesnt literally mean i cant, its just that i couldnt because hearing them laugh is already a cheer for me and seeing them go on with life is a motivation for me. I didnt consider and put myself at the very first of everything because i know through the process im also changing and improving myself. 

I live my life with great faith and let God be the center of it because no matter how i tried to become better it will all be in vain without his grace. Now my family is striving for life,they sometimes felt the emptiness (that i usually felt but chose to hide) but i made sure that we will overcome that thing together.

Sometimes i envy those who have their parents thou at the same time thankful because i realized ive been through that harsh time already, a time where you have to accept reality, a time where your parents have to face the end of time and that was the moment i dont want to go back to. You just have to ready yourself if that time of life comes because we never know what tomorrow brings.

Ordinary life is what we have so to add a little extra to the ordinary try creating a better world for everyone.


                                                          ~Jessie Jessica



People come and go and we all know that fact. However when they leave we cry, why is that so?

I just dont understand why people feel upset and sad when someone leave.Maybe beacause of the memories they had or maybe because of the unspoken words that until now remains unspoken. 

It hurts when you want to tell someone how much they mean to you but its too late. Too late because now they found someone whom they feel sure will love them back.

 Those years that youve spent together, those days that youve been together fades away in just a single click. Those days when he tell you he loves you and is willing to wait for you no matter how long it takes are now gone. Maybe he cant wait any longer,maybe he got tired of waiting or maybe he just cant. 

Why do we get hurt when we know we dont have the right to feel so? 

It sucks when you knew that the person who cares for you for years doesnt care for you now. Anyways,people change when they meet new people. And thats another fact.

The least thing we can do is to be happy for them. Love is sacrifice,though it hurts but you have to be happy for them,for him. Give him the happiness that he wants, give him the chance to feel loved which you failed to give when he was still by your side. 

Regrets are always at the last part. We regret when we do things and we regret when we dont. 


“I told him im not ready to be in a relationship for now because ive been through a harsh break up,and he said hes willing to wait. It takes years before i realized that i loved him already, and i want to tell him right here,right now,but its too late,he already found a girlfriend. And once again, IM HURT AND BROKEN HEARTED. I spent my whole years mending my heart, transforming it and even invested a lot of effort for it to look brand new however  it ended up broken again.

But I cant blame him,its all my fault,it is indeed my fault. What if i just said yes,what if i just told him what i feel earlier,what if.

And what if i said yes and he ended up broken beacause i cant give him the love that he deserve, and what if i told him i love him as earlier as it seems and ended up regretting it because now he dont love me anymore.

Geeeezzz! Anyways, its all right. God prepared someone for us. Someone who will love us for who we are and someone who will understand us. Let us all be patient. The right man will come,at the right place at the right time and in Gods time.



The kind of life you are in right now doesnt really matter,what matters is that how you’ll give value to that life.

We always murmur,we always  protest but we do nothing. Murmuring about why life is like this? Life is like that? and protesting about many things. Do people have any idea what theyre doing? What we are doing? Instead of giving thanks,showing gratitude to the creator we question him.

Life is given to us freely by God and our duty is to live it to our fullest. Its not our fault if were born at the lowest level of lifes description,but it is indeed our fault if we die without improving that status. Being contented of what we have is a good thing but aiming for the betterment of ourselves, our life is best. We should be more than motivated more than inspired if we want to have a better life in the near future. 

Work harder and aim higher because there is no shortcut to success. If we fail then we should fail of trying not fail beacuse we do nothing. If were tired,then lets rest but let us never quit. Life is like that it teaches you lessons that will serve as your stepping stones to whats ahead of you. 

Remember you cant be successful if you never tried failing and you cant be called survivors if you havent endured pain.

                                                                     ~Jessie Jessica


Get me out of here :'(:'(

What’s wrong  with me? Am i hoping again? Hoping that the guy who broke me would messaged me and said he wants me to be with him for the second time?

Im tired. I want to get out from this mess. A mess created by my ever curious mind. I want to move on and continue my life without looking back. I want to…I have a lot of “I want to” in life yet one of them didnt even happened yet.

I miss him. Okay thats the word that my heart wants to hear. Im in denial with my feelings for him because i know i have no right already. Maybe the least thing i could do is to love him in a way that i know.It hurts me so much knowing that he havent moved on as well,havent moved on from that girl whom he loves after me.

Maybe if he had hopes,that hope,me thinks,is getting back together with that girl.And that makes me even more sad. I cant figure out things well right now. I dont know why hes up to that girl when he knows he still have me? (:'(:'(:'()

Maybe im not perfect but i know ive become loyal to him when we were together before. He even told me that im enough to make his life meaningful! OUCH! All i have right now are memories and words that he said way way way back before.

But dont worry,ill get over this. Time will come that all i could remember only is his name. And when that time comes that we’ll meet each other again,i could look into his eyes without feeling the same feelings anymore.

I know he’s not sorry for what he did,but im giving it to him freely. Hoping that he’ll asked for it one day.

Time will heal :|:|:|

This is a Shout Out to my Ex

It’s been a year since we broke up and i dont know why im still hurting this way. I thought I already moved on,but i cant fool my heart,i know i havent yet. I keep on thinking about him,every minute of my “sometimes” boring life. 

Last last last last day he texted me askin’ hows my life. I said im happy and contented, beacause i really  am happy and contented. Im happy when he messaged me and told me that hes doin’ fine as well. Not to admit it but actually when he texted me, a little hope in my heart starts to bloom. Hope that one day we’ll be together again. I keep on telling myself not to think that way,im just looking for pain and disappointments however hope demands to be  felt.

I told myself that theres really no chance for us again but my pained heart insisted and try to tell me that there is. 

“Heart please cooperate with Mind kayo lang dalawa dyan mag kasundo naman kayo pa minsan minsan”.