Im not perfect and so do you.

People can easily conclude things without even knowing the root of the matter. 

In everything you do people always have something to say. They may not point it out or make it obvious but your instinct tells everything. (It may be wrong some time,but it is right most of the time).

It hurts when you chose to shut your mouth and choses to be kind to others but then at the end of the day your silence still means your guilty. Guilty of small things that you mistakenly do.

What else is there to do without judgement at the end?



Ive had my heartbroken countless of times,but never in my mind to take revenge.

I fell in love once. And that once i never thought would be a lifetime bearing of pain. A pain caused by loving someone who doesnt feel the same way as i did (or shall i say he just loved me at first). I regretted the day life introduces him to me for that day my whole being got shattered and now broke.

I dont know what to do when he told me he doesnt love me anymore. I hated him for saying such. I hated him more when i knew he already found someone new. It ripped my heart knowing that he left me for someone else. Id like to,i mean id love to kill him with my bare hands for killing something inside me but then i realized why would i do that? He ruined me so why would i ruined my self more? I will not let him ruin everything in me, i will not let him be the reason for me to live behind bars,and experience hell. 

I will not let my anger to take control of me.

So I just cried all night and embraced sorrow wholeheartedly for i firmly believed that sadness is short lived. It will not last longer. If you cant bare the pain, then enjoy it,rather.
Now, to admit, yes im still broke but i moved on. Im broke inside but im working on it and one day im sure my heart will be good as brand new.

Everywhere you wander,wether you reached the highest sky or have crossed the deepest sea tears will fall from the eyes of someone who truly felt love and affection. 

Love is not something you accidentally bumped into. It is not something youll just leave if by chance you find it boring and tedious. It is something that you must take seriously. Because being loved and being in love is the most amazing feeling in the world. However, love is not always about pleasure and happiness. When you love,when you decided to try love (w/c  you should’nt if youre not ready) you must  be ready to accept consequences. 

Love and Pain are inseparable.There is love in every pain and there is pain in every love.


FunFacts ;*

FunFact about me;

  1. I always get emotional when ive got headache,toothache,sorethroat and many possible aches.
  2. I hate being rejected. (I guess everybody really hates being rejected)
  3. When im tired i just SLEEP. (its the best remedy ever)
  4. I love eating chocolates. (I dont share)
  5. Im not a morning person. (I find it so so hard openning my eyes when i havent slept 8 hours yet 😋😋😋)


One way to forget Stress

When im tired, I sleep.

When I feel like im nothing, I sleep.

When the worlds against me, I sleep.

When I feel like its too heavy for me to go through, I sleep.

For me theres no way to run. You just have to take a nap and forget the things that bothers you, that makes you sad, and everything that keeps you from being happy. 

Sleeping lightens up the load that youve been carrying through. Even if its just for a minute or an hour, it helps. When you sleep, you put your mind in the state of calmness and relaxation. 

Forget the world, just for once and let you mind, your soul wander wherever they want, let them find some drop of  joy and make your dreams a joyful one, so that when you wake up, youll wake up with smile and continue the things that you left behind with a smile as well.

No matter how tough life gets, quitting is never an option.

When youre tired, take a rest. 

But Dont Give Up.



Travelling is Life

How can one survive without exploring?

I cannot and will not let myself live in the same corner of my life forever.They say “Life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know” and i agree,this world has much to offer,you just have to open you arms and embraced it. 

Try  doing some extraordinary things and realized one day when you get old that youve fulfilled on  living  your life to the fullest.

Dont waste too much time on homeworks,Dont devote your whole self to school,because no matter how good your grades are,happiness and contenment still cant be measured in that way.

Give yourself time to relax and  be happy,explore and travel till your heart content.