Love takes courage.

Love needs patience.

Love understands.

Love respects.

Love loves.

Being inlove is no competition. You need to be patience in order to meet the love of your life.

You need to be courageous enough to take different devours, adversity and risk of love. Its not easy, am telling you but worth the risk. You have to possess a mind that understands and a good heart. Love needs respect.

If it denies you let it be, let it go respect yourself because if things aren’t going your way maybe it’s not really meant for you.If you rush things out you might end up being something you never dreamed of.


Love is Love

Love is when you know you love him but couldn’t find any reasons why.

Love is when you say I love you, and you meant it from your heart.

Love is having respect, trust, faith and an allowance for mistake.

Love is when you need him the way you need air.

Love is unconditional, it doesn’t expect.

Love is Love.

I love you secretly and I’ll love you always.

Thank you for allowing me to have something that you own. Its not that much but it feels like you’ve given me a part of your heart.

Thank you because now I feel like Im an inch closer to you.

You have no idea how much Im into you. That little things coming from you my dear, weighed similar to silver and gold.

I love you secretly and I’ll love you always. It’s not necessary for me to tell you what I truly feel because loving you in a way I know is way better than personally saying I love you to you.

I like me because I like you.

When you touched my hands my wholeness shiver, my thought freezes and my heart, for the first time felt the tingling of passion and love.

Your smile melted me away, your eyes brightens up my day and your scent is like a safe haven where forever I could stay.

My admiration for you grows day by day. It’s like a flower watered everyday. I like you because you are you and I like me because I like you.

Not all the time we are right about everything.

On my way home from work I feel so heavy and I felt the urge of tears pushing their way out of my eyes and so I stopped by the bench and cried. At first I didn’t notice I was actually crying but then later on my mindset told me that Im for real crying. Crying because of some shits that happened in my life. I tried to stop the tears but it seemed unstoppable like every drop of it was yelling something, demanding things to be felt.

On the same bench there’s this girl sitting beside me and I caught her mimicking my sniff. A sign of fun, sarcasm or whatever is she feeling was evident on her face while watching me pursuing my mood. When Im about to leave she told me “Girl,Its just a boy. You don’t have to cry over him. He’s a lowlife bastard” and then she gave me that grin that I found so irrelevant in my current situation. So I just stared at her for a while and walk away without even saying something.

You know, Im a pretty appreciative person and I do appreciate the concern but not the mimicking. I do appreciate the effort of trying to reach out and comfort someone you didn’t even know. And I do appreciate the advice only its not completely compatible in the situation Im in. Actually I wanted to say thank you to her but the thought was covered with another thought like why do we always assumed that if someone was crying it was always about a man or a woman and not the other way around? And why do we, people, judge so quickly?

Clearly because we’re just humans. And that’s acceptable, I guess.

I shared this because I wanted to extend a concern to people that hopefully we won’t judge someone by the tears they cried or by the laugh they’ve laughed. Because not all the time we are right about everything. If we saw someone crying let’s not make fun of them cause we have no idea how heavy the load they’ve been carrying and the only way they see to lighten the load up was crying out the burden itself. So let’s be considerate, cooperative and let us cultivate the culture of respect in any aspect and walks of life. Who knows, one day in not so noticeable pact the world changes.

You’re Not Lost.

People tried to manipulate your mind, your heart or worse your whole being. They tried to make you feel that everything wasn’t fine and all the things that you do isn’t right.

But what really is right? Is it when they say you’ll be more successful if you chose to be an educator instead of a nurse? or you’ll be more useful to the society if you took up Law courses instead of midwifery? Can people’s limited brain cells handle it if you explain to them the things they see wrong? Can they handle it if you prove them wrong?

Sometimes we think if what everybody says about us, our career, our pursuits, our life are exactly right. If we really are wrong or taking the wrong path. Their words without our control takes over our being. They take over our life and tried to dictate us what to do. But remember my friend you are the captain of your own ship. You, dictates you and you alone.

Never let other people tell you what to do. Never be affected by what they say, because if you follow your heart and you’re happy with what you’re doing then that’s success. That means you’re doing what is right, you’re doing what makes you happy and you’re choosing something that you know could help you grow as a person.

If you feel that everyone was judging you, that all else was against you, dont worry for they dont know you. They dont know your story. They only know that you dream big. If they judge you, and laugh at you about dreaming such dreams, just smile back at them and be kind because whatever they say or do when you reach the top they would still blend in with the crowd clapping at you for you did great. And you never know, you’ll be someday an inspiration to them.

So be kind and be patient, you’re on the right track my friend you’re not lost.

Just Maybe

Maybe now I still don’t know what things I am good at.

Maybe now I still couldn’t figure out why I lived.

Maybe now I don’t know where this path Im taking ends.

Maybe I have no idea why the world is round or why and how the earth rotates,

Maybe I don’t do things perfectly as expected

Maybe now I still don’t know the reason of my existence but one thing is for sure I love the idea of living itself.

Living with a lot of maybes’ in life can be suffocating at times but remembering that everything’s going to have a perfect sense at the end is what keeps me loving life even more.

Curiosity is what makes life interesting for it makes you jump into the unknown and discover something about the world and yourself. Taking the path that scares you and doing things that you’re not used to.

Life is exciting and interesting. So live it to the fullest, you never know what tomorrow has in store for you.


Like those typical youngsters of today, I also dreamed of becoming a total star. Like Mandy Moore and other different hollywood and local idols of this generation.

In a very clear night and the silence was too deafening I felt like its too noisy. Like someone was arguing, somebody was laughing at me and telling me I cant make it and that I have the most cheapest dream. However in the midst of those chaotic noise I could still hear Gods whisper. Hes telling me that my dreams are not for them to rate, that my dreams are the most expensive dream an ordinary person can avail. It actually made me happy. Happy because I feel like I have someone to walk with me through this venture of reality. And thankful as well for I know that the one walking with me will never leave me during hard times and that he will always walk with me till the very end of this so called expedition of life.

Never let others define your dreams for you because at the end of the day, its your dreams and yours alone. Someone may dream it with you but no one can dream it for you.

My How’s in life

How can I move on?

How will I accept that they’re not here anymore?

How will I convince myself to be happy, seriously happy inside when I know that I missed them everyday?

How can I live my dreams when in the very first place they are the reason why I have such dreams?

I always feel sad and down whenever I hear my friends talking about how nice and rude their parents are. How they bully their mom and dad (sweet bully) and how they just laugh whenever they are being scolded by them. I just missed those things.

I want to experience it again.

I want to have a mother again.

I want to have a father again.

But How? I cant just buy a mother in the supermarket or online shop a father on Lazada, but if ever I could, I wouldn’t buy one either because mine is unique and they belong to the limited edition of Gods creation.

I pretended to be fine all the time. I pretended to be someone who is jolly and funny but truly deep down inside I was drowning, wreck and broken. Emptiness is actually killing me. And I have no idea how to fill that emptiness I feel.

I just dont know how.