Life is Happy and Sad

Now you’re laughing your heart out the next day you’re crying your heart out.

Today you love your person the next day your person loves another.

Today you love your job the next few months you hate it so much.

Today you’re happy then you’re sad.

What a transition!

Life is not what you expected it to be. Its just not. You think its easy now and it’ll be the same forever? Nah!

The universe offers different surprises. Its either to break you or make you. The point is, no matter what the surprise is, always keep yourself intact. Don’t let the outside forces smash your little world inside.

Yes life is happy and sad but know that happiness is a choice and so as sadness. You can always look at the positive side.

If there is one thing I learned in life it is to embrace sadness when it comes and nurse the pain because once its over, peace happiness and victory awaits.

Well, we all have different ways of taking life, and thats how I do mine.

Goodmorning 🌞

Choose Yourself

Make yourself so busy that you’ll have no time hating people.

Make time for yourself so you’ll have no time for nagative people.

Fill those empty spaces in your heart so that you’ll need no man to complete you.

Tap your shoulder and tell yourself ” You did great”.

Focus on you own happiness. Make yourself the happiest and by then you can share the joy to other people.

Acknowledge yourself. Celebrate little victories and award yourself for surviving each day, you’re entitled to that.

Everything is a reminder to always choose and love yourself.

Goodmorning 🌞

60 Seconds

What if you only have 60 seconds left in your life, would you have any regrets?

The question is scary but needs to be ask. Because that is reality. We don’t know when our time ends and how much time we have.

So be happy. Live your life to the fullest and when I say this I don’t mean go travel around the world, try the most extraordinary and expensive things and eat the most delicious dish. What I mean is go for that goal, love that person, stop being scared and just trust God. Be kind and be happy. Living life to the fullest doesn’t always need to be expensive and fancy. Remember that.

Life is short and fleeting to waste on unnecessary things. Treasure every seconds of your life before its too late.

When is it okay to not be okay and when is it not okay to be okay?

It is okay to not be okay when you’re on the process of healing. When you are still moving on with anything in your life.

When your hearts been numbed by the pain of your past, its okay to cry, to be sad, to get irritated with anything and anyone. Your feelings are valid. When you want to be alone, its okay.

When you want to heal yourself by yourself, its okay. But know that it is also okay to seek help when you feel like you needed one. (We all need a little help)

And it is not okay to be okay, when you know that you’ve finally moved on, that you’ve finally freed yourself from all the disappointments and pain and that you know you’re healed, but still you chose to stay on the same spot just because you think it’s the safest place you could ever go.

Its not okay to be okay knowing that you’re not valued right, that people doesn’t see your actual worth and that you’re feelings are being invalidated.

Its not okay!

Wake Up! ITS ALMOST 2022!

#My entry for the most controversial question in my country today.

#Hope you get my point 🥰